- with a potential of
$65 profit per account




No setup or monthly "reseller fee"


  • SherwoodHosting caters to smaller web design studios who handle accounts for small businesses, musicians/artists, and personal/home clients.  We provide a personal connection for Resellers and Affiliates to help you attain your design and client-relations goals.
  • Pay as you go for each account. Accounts are our standard web hosting accounts, except you mark them up and charge your clients directly. The more accounts you have, use that discount level from that point on (see notes and examples for details).
  • Compare our "Affiliate" plan, which is commission-based
Topics covered herein:

Rates for Resellers

# of Accounts
Cost Per Year
Per Account
Notes (1,2,3,4)
Profit per Account
per year
(resold at $125)
Domain name
registration included?
Complimentary Account
for Reseller?
1 or 2
(not reseller)
3 to 5
up to 10
Yes - Note (5)
and up
Yes - Note (5)

The above rates reflect an on-time payment.

(1) Quantity Level Attained: All new accounts and subsequent renewals will be charged the new level of discount for this and subsequent billing/renewal periods. No retroactive refunds/discounts are given for accounts already acquired before the new level of discount was attained. See Example.
(2) Terminations: If the next higher level of quantity is attained prior to the end of the fiscal quarter, that next discount level can be applied to new accounts and renewals during that quarter (and beyond).  However due to account terminations, if you fall into the next lower level of quantity, you have that current fiscal quarter to add new accounts to retain the current level of discount.
(3) Quantity Add-ons: Contact us for quantity add-on rates for additional quotas (e.g., +200M disk space or +2G bandwidth).

(4) Domain Registration Renewals: For domain names registered through SherwoodHosting, you are responsible for a $10 renewal fee if an account is not renewed by 21 days prior to the domain name registration anniversary renewal date, even if the hosting account is terminated. This is in effect even for domain names whose cost is included in a hosting package. We renew automatically, so we need this 21-day period to cancel a pending renewal with our registrar. For hosting account renewal, we are a little more relaxed since we handle our own renewals.

(5) Use of free account: The complimentary account is not intended for resale, but is for your own business or personal web site.  No domain name registration included. Only currently active/renewed accounts are counted to qualify for this benefit. 
(6) Domain Registration Add-ons: Domain name registration, where not included in the plan are $10/year each. Additional domain names are also $10/year. There is currently no parking fee to have multiple domains point to the same hosting account.

Fiscal quarter boundaries are the first and last calendar days of the 3-month segments: Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. Payment is due in full by the 15th of the next month (e.g., Jan-Mar billing period is due (received by Sherwood Hosting) April 15th)

As a reseller, special rates are available for reseller web designers for multiple Linux/Apache Plan D hosting accounts. There is no difference in the actual accounts from a normal customer SherwoodHosting account, except that the billing to your client is from you. This allows a "one-stop shopping" hosting and web design arrangement for you, thus simplifying your client's internet experience. There are no set-up fees for either the reseller nor the resold accounts- you just pay the yearly fee for the resold accounts.

Check out our server information for software versions and reliability-redundant internet backbone connections that provide the greatest dependability and fastest response time.

Reseller Responsibilities
  • Payment for accounts to SherwoodHosting quarterly (or more frequently if desired) by check in US$. Payment is for accounts created or renewed during that period, based on the month they are created or the anniversary month. No invoice will be sent. This quarterly payment is due IN FULL by check to Sherwood Hosting LLC, received by the 15th of the month (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct) for the previous quarter's transactions. If payment is received on the 16th(or next business day thereof) or later, the following cumulative terms apply:
    • 1st-15th (of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct): Due in full, standard reseller rates apply.
    • 16th-31st (of Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct): Add $20 late fee per hosting account for this billing cycle, and a $5 late fee per domain name renewal.
    • 1st-15th of following month(Feb, May, Aug, Nov): Your reseller password is changed thus disabling reseller privileges
    • 16th and thereafter all resold accounts are suspended and will show a message to contact the Billing Department.
  • Reseller collects fees from their clients, and those yearly fees to your clients must be at least $100/year for Plan D (most resellers charge the standard $125). Reseller keeps profits. Contact us for quantity, charitable, or hardship cases. The account is not re-branded to the reseller, it retains all aspects of branding. However, we would not contact your client directly except in case of emergency notices (example frequency, maybe once a year).
  • Reseller is responsible for conveying SherwoodHosting terms & policies. The main goal: behave yourself and treat our servers with respect.   (We don't have corporate red tape and we trust people-- we know most of our clients and have long-term relationships.) Sherwood Hosting has the right to suspend reseller's client accounts for bad behavior or violation of policies.
    Spammer penalities apply and the $500 fine will be enforced.
  • Reseller is the primary point of customer support for these accounts.
    • SherwoodHosting provides extensive online information (see especially our A-Z index), and strives to update this repository to document uncovered questions that arise.
    • We will answer reseller questions once (per topic/detail), but expect that the reseller will handle repeat questions of the same topic in the future. (We try to be reasonable about this type of support;  for the discounted reseller account fees charged, we prefer not to offer "repeat question" support.)  
    • Reseller should set up any mail forwarding or mailboxes in the resold account's Cpanel Email center.
    • If the domain name is not supplied by us, then the reseller is responsible for pointing the registry DNS record to and
    • If we register domain names for reseller or resold accounts and that account is closed or a business relationship is terminated, it is not the responsibility of SherwoodHosting to renew or alert when the domain registration subsequently expires. Read about the consequences of expired domain names. (This is the reason we have automatic renewal for those we register. Always.)
      The reseller is responsible for notifying us to cancel domain name renewals in writing one month prior to the expiration date, else the reseller will pay the renewal fee, since the actual renewal happens several weeks PRIOR to the expiration date.
  • It is the reseller's responsibility to forward information from occasional news emails from SherwoodHosting, unless you request that we add your client to our mailing list for such notices.
  • Resellers (who don't have WHM) should request new accounts via email, giving account information desired. Once entered, hosting accounts are instantly available, but DNS pointer changes take 24-48 hours to propagate. Like all end-user hosting accounts, some features will not be operational until the domain name resolves(e.g., some FP & PHP features).

(hosting accts only, not regarding domain registrations)
Term. accts
Total # accounts at end of qtr
Accounts renewed this quarter
Due for
yearly fee
(for new and renewed accts)
Q1 2005
Q2 2005
Attained level of 5 accts; there is no refund for the first three accts already opened
Q3 2005
Q4 2005
Q1 2006
4@60 new
3@60 renew
Attained level of 11 accts, thus new discount rate is $60 for both new and renewals
Q2 2006
2@60 renew
Q3 2006
1@75 renew
Termination caused level to go below quantity break of "11"; thus the renewal is at the lesser quantity pricing("up to 10")
Q4 2006
1@60 new
1@60 renew
Back to the quantity level of "11 or more"



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