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Getting Started & Getting Organized


Getting Started to plan and design your new web site

This page will help you sort out what and how to put on your web site.

If at any time you feel inundated with sorting out your goals, organizing your information, or understanding technical aspects of web technology, please contact to explore web design or web assistance on an hourly basis.

Know Thyself

To begin your journey of creating an effective web presence, write down your organization's communication strategy and what the goals of your web site are.  For instance, if you want to provide information, list the categories you'd like to present.

Prioritize and categorize your information

You have a lot to tell others, so organize and edit it down to small, browsable chunks. Viewers want to get in and out of each page quickly. Be a ruthless editor!

What's your style?

Determine the look and feel you want your viewer to have - how do they feel when they are reading your pages; what is the desired action/reaction you want them to have?  Plan the look you want for the site - identify your aesthetics, then choose your graphics, fonts, and layout carefully.

What web technology are you using?

Figure out how many features from the web you'll need - do you need secure order forms, flash animation, database queries?

Can you handle all this yourself?

Even though you're capable of implementing your web page, will you be able to follow through to make it happen, have your site represent the level of professionalism you deserve, and will you understand the latest tricks and gotchas that are hovering out in web-land?  We invite you to look at our client portfolio web sites-- let us know if you'd like to discuss possibilities for your site.



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